Edge Profiles

Pencil Edge

The Pencil or Flat Edge has a small radius on the top and bottom of the profile for a clean modern look

Available in 2cm, 3cm, and 4cm thickness

Small Bevel

The Small Bevel Edge provides a sharp clean look that works with both modern and classical design

Available in 3cm thickness

Half Moon

The Half Moon profile has a smooth arc on the front edge that works well with many styles. It’s a nice alternative to the Pencil and Bevel Edge types

Available in  3cm thickness

Half Bullnose

The Half Bullnose has a large rounded top edge and lightly rounded bottom edge for a soft feel

Available in 3cm thickness

Full Bullnose

The Full Bullnose profile has a large radius across the face, making it a good choice for people looking for a softer look to their counter tops.

Available in 3cm, and 4cm thickness

Ogee Edge

The Ogee profile has a classical look that’s been around for hundreds of years in various forms

Available in 3cm thickness

Chiseled Edge

The Chiseled Edge provides a rustic more natural look than its polished alternatives

Available in 3cm thickness

Large Bevel

The Large Bevel profile has a clean modern look to it for bold designs

Available in 3cm thickness

FV Edge

The FV edge profile is a nice alternative to an Ogee Edge for a classical look

Available in 4cm thickness

Drop Down Edge

A Drop Down Mitered Edge allows us to create the appearance of monolithic counter tops without the added weight

Available in 2cm, and 3cm thickness