First In Counters Difference

Here are some of the reasons we feel you should call us about your next project


Our diverse team ranges from interior decorators and designers, to finish carpenters & graphic designers. Also our shop
staff has extensive training in the granite & quartz industry, with a full time serviceman experienced in stone restoration &
repairs. You can be confident that we have the necessary experience to help you through your project, however big or small.


We have a large in stock inventory of over 250 individual slabs in nearly 100 different colours & variations, as well as
access to all wholesalers effectively putting that number in the thousands. On top of that we offer back splash in over
100 different varieties for sale or to help coordinate your design. We also offer a wide range of plumbing supplies such as
sinks, faucets, & accessories from many major brands ( i.e. Moen, Delta, American Standard, Blanco, & others) to help
you complete your project.


– Planning

Our process starts with planning, our professionally trained staff will help you with any design or sales related questions.
Whether it’s a large new construction project or a small renovation job, your project is important to us & we are here to
offer any assistance you may need.

– Measuring

Once your project has been confirmed our templator will come to your site & measure using our state-of-the-art digital
laser measuring system. This process offers extreme accuracy that traditional measuring practices simply can’t provide.

– Fabrication

Using the digital template as a guide, we cut & polish your job using our state-of-the-art computer controlled fabrication
equipment. This allows for faster turnaround times & higher quality finishing than is possible by hand fabrication. Our
skilled craftspeople then take it one step further by going over the job by hand to ensure the best finish possible for your

– Installation

Finally, once we are confident the job passes all quality inspections we will schedule an install date & time that is
convenient for you. Our professional installation team will then deliver & install your project in less than a day.

Other Advantages

• We use European Style Seaming, which is the best technique available.
• We try to avoid butt seams when ever possible
• We seal your counter tops in our shop before they are installed. The sealant we use ( DuPont
Stonetech ) can last up to ten years! (a warranty is available)
• We mechanically fasten sinks whenever possible
• We spend extra time polishing the underside of finished edges for a more luxurious look and feel
• We insert double rods for sinks, on the front & back for added strength
• We do not grind or cut in your home to help eliminate dust!
• We use paintable caulking where the counter meets the walls, to help with future painting
• We are capable of installing very large pieces (i.e., 120 x 60 Islands)
• We hand pick our slabs to insure you’re getting the best material in your preferred colour variety
• We avoid seams whenever possible, but if they are required we carefully select the location to
ensure they will be both visually appealing & structurally sound.
• Using CNC technology allows us to make our seams incredibly tight & practically invisible.
• As a digital fabrication shop we can offer the highest level of finish quality.
• Most importantly, We do everything in our power to operate as a dust free facility to ensure the
health and safety of our workers.

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